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Carbide Horseshoe Pins



Tungsten Carbide horseshoe pins are a hardwearing, long lasting, tough and rugged product used to improve the grip and the wear resistance of the horseshoe.

The larger size pins are usually inserted directly into the shoe and the mid size pins are used together with a steel stud attached to the shoe. The smaller range of pins are used in the head of the various sized nails. The pins are conical in shape with a domed top but we also offer some sizes with the option of a more pointed head shape.

Tungsten Carbide Grade

Tungsten Carbide is a hard but brittle material and the development of a suitable grade of this material was essential to the safe installation of the pins and to achieve the ultimate wear properties. The grade has a toughness to resist premature breakages but retains the hardness that gives the wear resistance and long life. Tungsten carbide has about 10 to 50 times the wear resistance of steel.

  • Minimum Order 5 x Packs of 100 pcs

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TCS Ltd is a family run company established in 2002.  Based in rural Worcestershire UK we supply established loyal customers both home and abroad. Our Company specialise in the stocking and distribution of Tungsten Carbide Saw Tips and Brazing Materials for the Woodworking Industry. These include Saw Service Centres within Sawmills around the UK and Southern Ireland, Circular Saw Manufacturers, Saw Sharpeners and Saw Doctors.

For the Farriery Industry, from a single Farrier to a Wholesaler, TCS Ltd also supply a wide range of Tungsten Carbide Horseshoe Pins, with associated products such as HSS drills, Countersink drills, Taps and Drive in Plugs.

TCS Ltd have a good working knowledge of the market requirements and have established a strong reputation for the quality and service we offer to our customers in each of these industries.